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Blac Chyna spent Valentines weekend in Dubai, with a wealthy Nigerian real estate developer named "Ray". And it appears that the two are romantically involved.

Or at least they were for the weekend.

MTO News confirmed that Chyna spent the weekend in Dubai on "business", where she met up with the extremely wealthy Nigerian. The two went all over the Arab nation - to the zoo, to dinner, and to the club.

And they chronicled their travels on IG.

According to social media reports, Chyna's airfare and the hotel was paid for by Ray.



Here are some videos showing Ray - showing off his extraordinary wealth on social media. According to some online, he has so many luxury cars - that when he goes out, he matches his clothes and his car:

Besides spending Valentine's Day abroad, Chyna also got to watch her mother, Tokyo Toni, get remarried to her ex-husband Marcellus Hunter. The 31-year-old took to her Instagram live to share a video with her fans that showed her digitally witness the knot tying ceremony.

Chyna and Toni have notoriously had a rocky relationship, so for daughter to be happy for her mom’s big day is huge.

During the livestream, Toni is wearing a white dress and veil as Marcellus dons a tuxedo that includes a white blazer and black bow tie. The couple listen on as their officiator announces them husband and wife with onlookers subsequently clapping and cheering them on.

Toni and Marcellus initially married in 2012 before getting a divorce five years later. Their split made headlines, particularly because Marcellus got a restraining order against Toni after she allegedly threatened to crack his head open.