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Blac Chyna unveiled her new surgically reconstructed face a few weeks ago at the Oscars. Now MTO News is hearing reports that the beautiful reality star got even more work done.

Yesterday, Rob Kardashian's baby's mama unveiled her new look on Instagram - and she surprisingly looks a lot like her arch-enemy Kylie Jenner.

Kylie and Chyna used to be friends until Kylie stole Chyna's first baby's father - rapper Tyga. Since then the two ladies have been feuding and understandably so.

But it looks as if Chyna is hoping to get the last laugh, by stealing Kylie's look.


But not everyone thinks that Chyna's new look resembles Kylie.

Some on social media think that Chyna's new jawline, makes her look more like one of the characters from the LEGO movie. Exhibit A: