Reality star Blac Chyna was attacked in Las Vegas yesterday, according to reports. And the reality star fought back against her attackers - leaving at least one of the girls bleeding.

The aftermath of Chyna's alleged attack was caught on video.


According to social media reports, Chyna was accosted by a group of women inside a Las Vegas casino. The women reportedly asked to take photos with the reality star, and Chyna refused them- in a rude manner.

Chyna's response didn't sit well with the women, who according to reports, starting arguing with Chyna and her crew.

And before you know it - fists were flying.

According to eye witnesses, Chyna is really about that life. Even though she was outnumbered by the girls, Rob Kardashian's ex PUT IN THAT WORK.

In the video, which you can see below, Chyna broke one of the girls nails, and left her bleeding.


Chyna is currently filming the second season of her new reality show on the Zeus network. It's not clear whether the TV cameras were there to capture the footage.