Blac Chyna has a reputation of being a man eater. She's dated some of the richest and most famous men in the world. But now MTO News has just learned, that for a period of time she was also dating royalty.

Last year, after dumping rapper YBN, Chyna began dating a guy who only went by the name of "Cj". 

Little was known publicly about "Cj" other than the fact that he seemed to be more into her than she was into him. At one point he claimed to be in love with her, but the feeling didn't appear to be mutual and according to friends close to Chyna she was also not  ready for a serious relationship, so she ended it. And rumor has it that prior to ending the relationship, Chyna began cheating on him with Future.

Few knew Cj's background or what what he did actually did professionally. Many who knew of him believed he was connected to the music industry and had a lot of money. 

Well it turns out that he is an Assyrian prince, HRH Dani Chamoun Beddawi and his family has a lot of money tied up in land and oil in Iraq and Iran. 

Here are pics of the two together:


Well here is the Prince, looking very regal on his royal IG page:

Since the split, the prince has successfully moved on and he landed on his feet. He began dating royalty and is currently engaged to Princess Temashayina Sibahle Dlamini, the daughter of King Mswati III, King of Swaziland.