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Blac Chyna's recent ex-boyfriend Kid Buu has denied putting his nads on her, despite claims that he choked her and slammed her against the wall while they were away on vacation in Hawaii.

Speaking to his followers on Instagram live, he said the following:

“Every single body out there that’s honestly feeding into this sh*t and finding all this bullsh*t entertaining—all these lies—thinking they’re cool and funny, you’re sad. My mom raised me better than that. I would never put my hands on a women—never have I, never will I, ever in my f*ckin’ life. We livin’ in a good world. We honestly are. But everybody believes we live in a f*cked up world because all you guys wanna talk about is the negative."

He then attacks the blogs for posting negative stories about him and post more positive things about him. But again, this is the same guy who claimed that he was a clone to get media attention...

Watch the clip below.

Meanwhile, Chyna's ex, YBN Almighty Jay posted this video: