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Blac Chyna reportedly kicked her latest boo, Kid Buu, to the curb after allegedly finding out that he had cheated on her.

The pair made headlines after a recent trip to Hawaii went left. According to TMZ, the cops were called to their Ritz Carlton hotel room in Honolulu in the early morning hours on Jan. 28 where it was reported that Chyna “scratched Kid Buu,” and “he then slammed her against the wall several times and choked her.” 

Sources then told Hollywood Life:

“Blac Chyna got into a big fight with Kid Buu during her vacation after she found out he cheated on her with another girl during their trip. The boyfriend of the girl Kid Buu was cheating with found out and contacted Chyna directly to tell her what happened. Chyna and Kid Buu got into a huge fight and she broke things off with him and then went on Instagram to say she’s single. Kid Buu wanted to get revenge at Chyna so he started posting about Alexis Skyy and apologizing to her.”

Now HL is reporting that Rob Kardashian is now pushing for full custody of their two-year-old daughter, Dream.

"Rob is furious at Chyna for her poor behavior, and he wants full custody of Dream,’ the insider told them.

He reportedly doesn't think Chyna is being a good mother and is tired of all of her drama's with her relationships. And let's face it... Chyna is always involved in some drama!

"It looks like ‘Rob fears for who is around Dream and what negative influences that are in and out of Chyna’s house and life. He is also tired of paying the high child support for nannies when he feels that Chyna isn’t even always around raising Dream. He worries that Chyna is an absent mom sometimes and he would love to be with his daughter all the time."

With all of these antics made available to the public, Chyna is really building a solid case for he ex. Perhaps she should consider being single for a while?