Blac Chyna BLEACHES All The Melanin From Her Skin . . . She's Now DEATHLY PALE!!!

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Blac Chyna appears t have bleached all remaining melanin from her skin - she's now deathly pale.

The beautiful instagram starlet has been accused of bleaching her skin in the past. And these new images all but confirm those rumors.

In new pics that were circulated by paparazzi, Chyna is spotted out looking like a GHOST. Her skin was not only White - it's now pale and ashen. As one ocommenter put it , "She looks like a ZOMBIE."

Before gaining fame, Chyna had a very pretty brown complexion. But over time, her skin got lighter and paler. That's when the rumors of her "skin bleaching" started going around.

As of now Chyna has not officially confirmed that she's been lightening her skin.


In other Chyna news, it seems as if she's rekindled her romance with teenage boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay. Reports are saying that after she saw a picture of shirtless Almighty Jay hitting the stage, Chyna simply couldn't help herself. She proclaims her feelings for the world to see, taking a page out of Ariana Grande's playbook, albeit less cloyingly saccharine. "Fuck , Im in LOVE!" writes Blac Chyna, before thanking Jay for simply existing. It's goes without saying that love conquers all, and even though many have been quick to poke fun at hip-hop's Harold And Maude, the bond between them appears genuine. 

The report from HotNewHipHop continues:

At least for the time being. The couple has previously been plagued by on-again off-again status worthy of hit nineties sitcoms, with an alleged breakup occurringin June. Clearly, the pair seems to have hashed out their differences, though it would appear the ship has been righted. One has to hope the couple can experience smooth sailing from this point on.

Blac Chyna is thirty. YBN Almighty Jay is eighteen.