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A video of Blac Chyna getting into a physical altercation with somebody in Nigeria has surfaced online.

Chyna is currently in Nigeria promoting the skin bleaching cream, "Whitenicious" (which she denies ever using.)

Social media already expressed their upset over Chyna's latest cash grab, but she was determined to follow through with her commitment and turned up in Lagos, ready to get to work.

The conflict was allegedly over parking.

In the clip, Chyna appears to be exiting her car to fight and tries to push through her entourage to get to somebody so she can throw those hands. Her crew wasn't having it, and Chyna didn't get to fight in the parking lot.

We figured she'd want to keep her visit low-key after distancing herself from the $250 bleaching cream.

Watch the footage below.

The Shaderoom comments section was on fire. Here are a few of the comments:

"Not all money, is good money! All affiliated are wrong! A black woman "modeling" as you call it, to promote destroying melanin, IS WRONG, WTF!!!!"

"Please why did Nigeria allow her to enter? Can she leave? She is no longer welcome. Thank you."

"Bro she in Nigeria (for her first time ever) selling skin bleach to make ur skin lighter 😂😂😂 she lookin STOOPID"