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A trailer for Blac Chyna upcoming reality television show, 'The Real Blac Chyna' has been released and features a scathing argument between Chyna and her mother, Tokyo Toni.

In the clip, Chyna is seen puffing on a vape as her mother tells her that she needs a therapist - but Chyna says that any problems she has stem from Tokyo. The argument continues to escalate, leaving Chyna to yell at her mother to get out of her home. As Tokyo is leaving, Chyna has to be held back from getting into a physical altercation with her mom. She can then be seen yelling, "I hate you!"

According to TMZ, a source has confirmed that the series is 100% unscripted, so Chyna and Tokyo do not have a script - the cameras just follow them around.

We're surprised to see such a toxic fight considering the two just made up a few weeks back.