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On a recent episode of The Real Blac Chyna, the reality television star opened up about the skin bleaching scandal after she inked a deal with Whitenicious last year.

Chyna was brought on board to promote Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream, in partnership with Whitenicious.

On her show, she chops it up with Dencia, who is a loud and proud bleacher, but denies lightening her skin.

"When I used to go to Miami my skin was a little bit darker, so that raised this whole controversy thing to where it was said that I was bleaching my skin which I wasn't," Chyna shared.

 "Coming from West Africa, I've never had a colorism conversation," says Dencia. You guys fight for your rights to do dumb stuff every day, why can't I do what I want with my body. If I want to be tan today, I would do it. If I want to be shades lighter, I would do it cause that's what I want.

Y'all believe Chyna wasn't bleaching?