Instagram Model Makes A DISS TRACK . . . About Her EX-Boyfriend . . . Legendary Hip Hop Artist BIZZY BONE!! (We Hope She's LYING On Him)

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Bizzy Bone's ex-fiance Ranna Royce had a very public breakup with him that went viral last year.

Ranna is a rapper, music executive, and a model. The Persian American music exec started her career under industry veteran Joe Isgro who has worked with some major artists including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Teena Marie, R Kelly, and Aaliyah.

Well now, Ranna is featured on a new remix with Kanye West's artist Cyhi The Prynce. In the new song she says that Bizzy Bone has a below average p*nis, she claims he just had his 15th kid and that he's a deadbeat dad. She also made some other very startling accusations about Bizzy's new GF.

Here are the lyrics:

"And right when I left I found out your side b*tch had your 15th bay bay

Couldn’t compete with your toys, damn

Always runnin’ round with your boys, damn

I was the realest McCoy

I’m a savage litty, you below average Bizzy

What make a man fine ain’t the chain or the whip

It’s how he raise kids and treat his bitch

You said I was a prostitute got money for sucking di*ck

But what’s up with your bitch and her lingerie pics

Jessica’s a escort let’s call a spade a spade."