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Birth Of A Nation Director NATE PARKER Told Newspaper That He's 'DISAPPOINTED IN BLACK PEOPLE' . . . For Nor DEFENDING HIM . . . Against 'RAPE Charges'!!!

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Birth Of A Nation actor/director Nate Parker is having a very DIFFICULT month. He thought he was on the verge of winning an Oscar for his new movie Birth Of A Nation. Instead, he is going down in utter disgrace, as more and more people get details about rape allegations against Nate nearly 16 years ago.

Well Nate is allegedly blaming the Black Community for the backlash. Here's what Variety is reporting:

He’s disappointed over the backlash on social media and that the African-American online community hasn’t been more supportive. And he’s even mad at himself, for underestimating the public’s interest in a court case that happened so long ago.