Birdman is now out here co-signing Jacquees' wild claims that he is the King of R&B.

Sources close to Birdman reportedly told breaking news outlet, TMZ that "the music mogul is firmly backing Jacquees' claim to the throne, and anyone disputing that notion needs to stop hating and bow down."

Jacquees' statement has social media embroiled in a heated debate for the best part of the week. Everyone from R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Tank, Tory Lanez to Kevin Hart and Trey Songz hopped online to give their two cents - or even just to post a few laughing emojis.

Jacquees is signed to Birdman, so we understand why he wants the smoke. Jacquees' streams probably more than doubled amidst all of the hype and after losing Lil Wayne and Drake, he needs a replacement - and fast!


The source told TMZ that Birdman "loves the fact Jacquees made such a bold statement and feels it's about time his artist told the world what's really good."

2019 Jacquees is going to have to show and prove, that's all we're saying...