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Birdman was full of praises for Cash Money rapper, NBA YoungBoy during a recent visit to the show, Everyday Struggle, and claimed that the young star will go on to become of the biggest artists we've ever seen.

"I think NBA YoungBoy gon' be one of the biggest artists that we done ever seen," he told Naeska, DJ Akademiks, and Wayno. "I think he gon' be real big."

He says his relationship with YoungBoy is not about the coins:

"It ain't always about money. Money ain't good sometimes," Birdman said. "I ain't tryna ever make no money off him. I want to help him and show him how to do it so he can help everything that's around him. Same thing with NBA, same thing with my lil nephew Nino. That's what this sh*t is about is reproducing bruh," he continued. "Back in the day all we had was school and sports. Now we have music to get a n*gga out the ghetto."

Y'all think he's right?