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Birdman has once again claimed that he and Cash Money are "forever in business with Drake."

Birdman, who is known for keeping a death-like grip on his artists, says that he will get his coins from Drake regardless of whether he signs with another label or not.

Despite Drake claiming that he was out of his deal after 'Scorpion' dropped.

Speaking with Forbes, he said:

“We always let Drake do what he wanted. Same thing we did with Nicki [Minaj] It’s hard to tell them people what to do and how to do it. I wanted to allow them to do what they wanted to do. That’s one of the blessings about being an artist. You gotta let them paint they own picture.”

When Forbes pressed him to find out what Drake's current situation with the label is, he reponded:

“All I can tell you is we forever in business with Drake. We’ve got great friendship, a great partnership with respect on both sides. And honestly, I feel like we’re forever in business with Drake. F*ck what you heard and what you might hear. It is what it is. We’re in business with Drake.”

We wonder if Drake knows that he's still in business with them?