Birdman and Rick Ross may have called a ceasefire, but he still has strong feelings about Ross interjecting in his feud with Lil Wayne.

 "I just came up, I mind my own motherf*cking business. I don't get in no other n*gga business So, when another n*gga in another n*ga business, to me, that's a violation. That's how I come up, simple. I ain't ever been no man to speak down on no man in this music business, never did."

The calm Birdman's energy quite evidently shifted and it is clear to all watching that all is not good with Ross, who put out several disses aimed at the Cash Money boss.

"That ain't my thing 'cause I know how hard this sh*t is. I ain't here to downplay a n*gga, I wanna see a n*gga come up, period. So, as far as me ever speaking down on a n*gga, I don't ever do it. Now if a n*gga disrespect me, it's f*ck him. F**k him or b*tch, we can kill, shoot, whatever you wanna do. But, as far as me speaking down on a n*gga in this game, that ain't my M.O. 'cause I do my thing," he continued.

Birdman also addressed the Cash Money beef with No Limit Records, Drake's status on Cash Money as well as the iconic walkout on The Breakfast Club.