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Popular female rapper Doja Cat is going viral today, as she's being accused of lightening her skin. Doja Cat, real name Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini, is biracial - her father is Black (from South Africa) and her mom is White.

The allegations of Doja lightening her skin first started percolating on social media, after Doja released these new promo pictures:

In contrast, this is what she used to look like:

When Doja posted the above lightened pic on her Youtube channel, her fans flooded the comments saying that her skin looked lighter that usual then in the pictures used on YouTube. And several of Doja's fans accused the rapper of bleaching her skin. 

Those accusations did not sit well with Doja Cat and she quickly fired back at fans who accused her of bleaching her skin. 

“Hey, so if you’re stupid as f**k, you probably left a comment under this picture talking about this,” the rapper stated on her Instagram Story as she scrolled through the comment section. 

“Hey, how about I’m half white, not entirely black. My skin gets very light when I don’t tan. I was staying indoors a lot before that shoot. New f***ing subject! Dumba**es.”