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Bill Cosby is reportedly upset after his insurer settled a lawsuit with former model, Janice Dickinson.

According to Dickinson's lawyer, the insurer wrapped up the suit by paying out an "epic amount."

Dickinson maintains that she was sexually assaulted after he supplied her with alcohol.

"I lost consciousness," Dickinson said on Thursday. "I was sodomized, I was penetrated in every area of my body, and I woke up the next morning in a fog but had remembered everything that happened [...] My life from then went into a downward spiral," she continued. "I lost my innocence."

But Cosby's spokesperson says the settlement is not an admission of guilt:

"To be clear, AIG's settlement of this lawsuit has no bearing whatsoever on the merit of Ms. Dickinson's claims," Wyatt told Yahoo!

"Mr. Cosby has every confidence that, had the case proceeded to trial, a jury would have found that the statements issued by his former attorney — statements which Mr. Cosby himself never spoke and which he played no part in preparing — were not defamatory," Cosby's rep said.