Monique Pressley, the former lawyer of incarcerated actor, Bill Cosby, has been suspended indefinitely from practicing law in Washington D.C. after she alleged misused her clients' coins.

Pressley worked on Cosby's defense team before she was let go in 2016.

According to Daily Mail, Pressley was suspended 'based on disability' a month after a disciplinary counsel presented 'clear and convicting evidence' of her alleged misconduct.

The news outlet reports that three former clients of Pressley's had accused her of taking retainers and quickly depleting the funds on personal expenditures without doing any significant work, then would ask for more money.

One complaint came from Edwin and Paula Amaker, who Pressley and her husband knew from church. The couple hired her in a claim against a former business partner. 

According to Paula, she paid Pressley $5,000 and an hourly rate of $425. Pressley told her that she would deposit the money in an escrow account and withdraw the money as she earned it, but Pressley didn't have an escrow account at that time per the court docs and, instead, she cashed the check a day after receiving it.

Pressley told Paula after two months of working on the case that it would likely go to trial. Pressley advised Paula to pay a flat fee of $3,000 to complete it, instead of paying the hourly rate. Paula agreed, paid the money. Pressley was given a check, which she cashed once again.

Paula said that after a year, she was "more and more upset and desperate because she was not seeing any results or evidence of working being done." 

From October 2014 to September 2016, Pressley didn't communicate with Paula. In October, the Pressley told the couple they would need to pay several more thousand dollars for additional expenses. Paula filed a complaint against Pressley, demanding a refund, which she says that she has not yet received.