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Monique Pressley, the former attorney of Bill Cosby, has denied reports that she has been suspended for misappropriating client's funds.

Pressley issued a statement via The Jasmine Brand, where she vehemently denied the allegations made in a story published by the Daily Mail.

"The allegations against me of impropriety are unequivocally not true. The claim that my suspension due to disability is because of the allegations made against me is false," her statement reads.

"In the 22 years I have been practicing law, I have not once been disciplined by the bar for improper conduct—not a suspension, not even a letter of reprimand. As soon as I am able, I look forward to the opportunity to defend against these charges."  

According to the Daily Mail, Pressley was suspended 'based on disability' a month after a disciplinary counsel presented 'clear and convicting evidence' of her alleged misconduct.

The news outlet reports that three former clients of Pressley's had accused her of taking retainers and quickly depleting the funds on personal expenditures without doing any significant work, then would ask for more money.

Pressley worked as a member of Cosby's defense team in 2016 before she was dropped from the team.