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Bill Cosby's attorneys are working hard to free him from prison over concerns that he could catch coronavirus behind bars.

"Nothing has been filed, but we're exploring all legal actions," his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt told Deadline.

"For the record, Mr. Cosby has not been tested for the virus — but is feeling fine — other than being blind and his blood pressure spiking at times," Wyatt said.

In addition to the contagious nature of the virus, Cosby may also be frightened because his pal, convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein, has tested positive for the virus while in prison. The virus affects people of all ages, but the elderly are considered to be high risk.

Cosby is 82.

"Mr. Cosby's lawyers are now considering filing a motion asking the court to release Mr. Cosby from prison and place him under house arrest for the duration of his sentence," Wyatt added. "Specifically, the lawyers are focusing on whether states are granting early release to elderly inmates from prisons due to the Coronavirus — which could be a valid legal argument for Mr. Cosby." 

Cosby is currently serving up to 10 years in prison for the rape of Andrea Constand.