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Bill Cosby Just SNITCHED ON HIMSELF . . . Claims In The 2000s . . . He Used To Have RELATIONS . . . With 5 Or 6 Models A WEEK!!!


Disgraced actor Bill Cosby has admitted that his shenanigans continued - even as he was a SENIOR CITIZEN. In depositions that were just released, Bill admitted to sexual encounters with teenagers and having an agency send him models on a weekly basis.

He admitted in those depositions, given in 2005 and 2006 during Andrea Constand's lawsuit against him, that he gave quaaludes to 19-year-old Therese Serignese in Las Vegas in 1976 and that he had another teenager, who he met in 2000, masturbate him with lotion.

And the story gets even MORE interesting. The girl that Bill had relations with in the 200s was one of the 'five to six models' Cosby said an agency sent to his studio each week. Cosby in now 78, so at the time he was in his mid 60s. And in return for having relations with the SENIOR Cosby, the 5 or 6 models got 'a very, very good meal.'

Cosby is some kind of FREAK. He was getting it in like that as a SENIOR.