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Bill Cosby may well be behind bars, but he is still fighting and lawyers his behalf have filed a bail application in which they accuse the judge of "racial hatred."

"Judge Steven T. O’Neill continues to show his disgust and prejudice towards Mr. Cosby. Judge O’Neill is purposely denying Mr. Cosby the right to file his Appeal, because he has refused to issue his 1925(a) Opinion, which outlines why he felt strongly in sentencing Mr. Cosby to 3 to 10 years and felt obligated to place this 81 years old blind United States Citizen (who served his country in the United States Navy), in a level (5) maximum security prison (SCI Phoenix)," an official statement posted to his Instagram account reads.

The statement requests "that this scandalous judge be removed immediately, and Mr. Cosby be granted bail throughout the appeals process, because the judge’s racial hatred towards Mr. Cosby, clouds his better judgement to be a good steward of the bench."

Read the full statement below.

Cosby is currently serving a three- to 10-year sentence in prison after he was convicted in 2017 of drugging and sexually assaulting friend Andrea Constand.