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BIKINI PICS . . . Of The NY Knicks' Coach WIFE . . . She's An INSTA-MODEL!!


Yesterday the NBA's New York Knicks announced that they were hiring David Fizzdale to coach their team. Most sports observers thought David was a GOOD CHOICE, and he's one of the most promising young coaches in the league.

But while David is a famous NBA coach - his wife might be MORE famous. You see, his wife Natasha is a popular Instagram model. She has more than 100K followers - who eagerly await every new post.

And some of the pics she posts on social media are definitely a bit risque.

Here are some pics of her:

The New York Post is reporting on the new Knicks coaches wife too, saying that:

One of the reasons the couple, who tied the knot in San Diego in 2014, work so well together is that Sen-Fizdale, 32, is already a successful globetrotter in her own right, making the Knicks’ (and previously the Memphis Grizzlies’) travel itinerary a cinch for her.

Sen-Fizdale, who graduated from OCAD University in Toronto in 2008 and lived in Australia, London and India as a child, explained to The Style Blueprint, “I think [my eclectic background] made me extremely adaptable. So when this Memphis thing happened, everyone was like, ‘I don’t know — she’s going to want to move, because Memphis is a smaller city.’ The only people who knew I’d be fine were my family, who know my background.”

We'll probably be seeing a lot more of her too because she says:

“I’ve probably missed one game at home, but other than that, the other times I’ve actually traveled are when the team has traveled. I just take off with my husband — thankfully my work allows me to do that,” she said.