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Big Sean Reveals Why He Didn't Drop 2018 Album w/ Kanye West

In 2018, several G.O.O.D. Music artists each dropped seven-track projects with Kanye West -- but Big Sean was noticeably missing from the lineup.

"I just wasn't feeling the vibe," he told Vulture. "That's no disrespect. I was loving the projects, but I just couldn't get in the groove. That's just something you can't force. I thought Kids See Ghosts was crazy. I liked Teyana's album. All the projects were very unique. But when it was time for me to really get in there on that, I guess I wasn't inspired.

"I was going through things in my head that I was still working out," he added. "I wasn't ready to be creative right then. When I tried to force it, I realized I'd be in the studio just beating a dead horse, listening to a beat over and over and over."

Was he right to fall back or should he have dropped a project?