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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are officially over - and this time its for good, MTO News has confirmed, We spoke with two people close to Big Sean who tell us that he's no longer dating Jhere - but is seeing a Los Angeles model, who's a blonde.

Jhene and Big Sean have been dating off and on now for almost five years. But the couple officially ended things a few months ago - for good.

The insider told MTO News, "Everyone thought that they'd end up married . . . but [Big Sean] wasn't ready." The insider continued, "He's now dating a new girl, a blonde 'model' who goes to UCLA."

And what about Jhene? How's she taking it? The friend explained, "Jhene is upset, but she's not about to let some f*ckboi use up her best years. She's no dummy."

Jhene had a tattoo of Big Sean drawn onto her arm. Six months ago, she reportedly got it covered up:


As early as September, Jhene posted Big Sean on her Instagram and captioned the photo as, "her MCM" or Man Crush Monday. 

At the time Jhene decided to show her boyfriend, Big Sean, some love by sharing a pic of him as her #MCM, but it was her caption that has raised some eyebrows from people online. Jhene said she had a “huge crush” on Sean for about 6 years now, but based on that time frame she was already married to Dot Da Genius. She and Dot Da Genius were together from roughly about 2014-2016, before finalizing the divorce last year. And if my math is right 6 years ago is right around 2012 or so. So something doesn't seem right there.

“#mcm 😍 hey instagram, i’ve had a huge crush on this rapper/ model for about 6 years now... can u guys please do your thing and put me in contact with him?” Jhene officially wrote as her caption.

The post has since been deleted so clearly their relationship status has changed.