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Big Sean has finally addressed his rumored beef with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar, and according to the Detroit rapper, the beef was non-existent.

"One of the people that, especially after Nipsey died was important for me to connect with was Kendrick," Sean said on Joe Budden's Pull Up series. "Me and Kendrick got a history...a relationship as peers. When this whole Big Sean, Kendrick beef was going on, it was something I wish I would have spoken up."

Big Sean went on to say that he believes that the rumored beef was kicked off track "Me, Myself, and I." He then dropped the track "No More Interviews" in 2016, and everybody assumed his bars were meant for Kendrick:

"So then I remember going online and seeing like, 'Oh, is he talking about Kendrick?' 'Cause I'm talking about people who rap fast. … I wasn't beefing with nobody. I'm just rapping n*gga. It wasn't like a specific person, or else I would've said his name."

He then went on to say, "Fast forward, I let this sh*t go. He let that sh*t go-- he never talked about it. And I never talked about it, and I should've said something, bro. I should've just came out and been like, 'Naw, that ain't it.'… But I didn't. I was working on this song with Nip and then Nip passed. I have a show for J. Cole's festival. I'm sitting next to Punch from TDE. He like, 'Bro, wassup-- you ever holler at Kendrick?' I damn near put it on the back burner in my brain. I'm like, 'Damn, no, I never did. And he's like, 'Man, you should definitely holler at him.' Got his number, and we communicated. The respect is mutual. It was literally nothing."