Two years ago a woman named Quantasia sued Usher Raymond, claiming that the two had sex and he "exposed" her to herpes.

Quantasia's lawsuit against Usher was explosive and made headlines much to the singer's dismay. And she, who weighed more than 250 pounds at the time, was nicknamed "Big Quantasia" on social media.

Usher eventually settled the lawsuit, but unfortunately for him, Quantasia is still out there looking for blood and wants to "expose" the singer.

To that end, she appears to have leaked some confidential legal documents - that could be embarrassing for the popular singer.

Two days ago, Quantasia made an appearance on the controversial Youtube show Unwine With Tasha K, and levied a number of unsubstantiated new allegations against Usher.

And while she couldn't prove any of her new allegations, Tasha did offer up receipts for Quantasia's old ones. Receipts in the form of legal documents.

In the first document, Usher's lawyer confirmed what many suspected - that he was diagnosed with herpes - an incurable virus. Usher's lawyers wrote, that he "does not recall the exact date in which he was first diagnosed."



And it gets worse. Tasha leaked another document - a settlement agreement, which appears to show that Usher paid Quantasia $110,000 to drop her lawsuit and be quiet.

Quantasia took Usher's money -  but appears to have gone back on her promise of "confidentiality" and continues to muddy the singer's name and reputation. 

Poor Usher...

Here is the leaked settlement document: