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Pop singer Lizzo is 250 pounds, and proud of it. But on Sunday - during Coachella - her weight nearly got the best of her.

The pop singer appeared to have an asthma attack while performing on stage.

Lizzo - who suffers from asthma - appeared to be in distress midway through her performance. But the big gal pushed through and finished the song for her fans.

Here is the performance:

Lizzo's career is moving in the right direction. She has songs like "Coconut Oil" and "Good As Hell" that are unapologetic, self-love mantras that empower a demographic we rarely see celebrated: plus-sized black women. 

In her music big Black women are depicted as confident, sexual and a lot of fun.

Lizzo is signed to Atlantic Records, the label that propelled Cardi B's career into the stratosphere.

"I want to see tons of plus-size pop stars," she said. "I want to see black girl magic. I just want to see us way more."