Online rumors are saying that Tamar Braxton got slapped by Lolo Jones in the Big Brother House. Well MTO News has the REAL TEA on what happened.

There's been a ton of drama on Big Brother over the past few days. And there are online rumors that Tamar Braxton got beat up by Lolo Jones.

The rumors started, when the two ladies argued - and the camera's cut off in the middle of it. People online are saying that the cameras' cut off, because Lolo put hands on Tamar.


Well the rumors of Tamar being touched are NOT true.

The drama between Tamar and Lolo popped off when fellow house guest Kato Kaelin won the latest challenge and earned his place as Head of Household. Tamar approached Lolo about a potential alliance, but it was 4:30 a.m. and Lolo was tired and irritated.

"I've had growing frustrations with Tamar because every day Tamar is mad at someone," Lolo said. "I'm starting to feel like a punching bag and it's exhausting."

The argument quickly escalated and Lolo eventually called Braxton a "b**ch." That's when Braxton walked out of the room and went on to start packing her bags to go home. 

The Big Brother folks claim that Tamar was NOT touched. She simply packed her bags because she "doesn't fight people."

Eventually, Lolo apologized and said she shouldn't have blacked out on Tamar. "I don't want you to leave," Lolo told Tamar. "I want to be your friend but I definitely handled that wrong. I'm sorry."

Tamar eventually accepted Lolo's apology and instead of going home, the ladies hugged it out instead. 

At least no one went home "yet." Tamar is up for elimination tonight.