Jackson Michie, the winner of this year's Big Brother, has denied claims that he is racist, telling viewers, "I don't see race or gender."

Jackson landed the $500,000 prize money but did not appear to be happy with the win, after he was accused both by the public and by fellow contestants that he was a racist and a misogynist during the show.

"I know who I am, and I know who I'm not, and I respect women more than anything. I'm very abrasive, and I have a lot of energy and passion in everything I say and do. And I'm that way toward everyone," he told EW. "And is it right? No. I know that I need to work on it and tone it down in a lot of areas, but I don't see race or gender or anyone when I'm having a conversation. And if someone upsets me, they upset me the same way that a guy would."

Twitter does not agree.