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A video of Bhad Bhabie's fight with Woah Vicky went viral, but according to Bhad Bhabie, Vicky did not manage to land any punches.

In the video, it appears that Vicky caught Danielle Bregoli slipping at an Atlanta studio this week and landed several blows, and she pinned the rapper to the floor.

"You still never hit me!" Bhabie says. "You still never hit me, not once! That's what I'm not understanding."

"You got a whole video of you doing all this…," she said as she punched the air. "But my body never got touched. Here's the thing with the internet, though, Ima have to learn this on my own. Y'all gonna be against me no matter what."

Twitter has been clowning Bhabie about the fight, as she had reportedly been making threats for some time, and still managed to lose this fight.

"Everything this girl do is for clout. The first thing she posting is, 'Follow my YouTube page, subscribe to my YouTube page. Like what?"

And now she is demanding a rematch: "You can pull up to 11th street any time of the day. Let me know. I'll be there."