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16 year old female "rapper" Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregnoli, is coming out firing against Jermaine Dupri. She told the legendary music mogul to "suck her d*ck" on Instagram this morning.

"Jermaine Dupri can suck my dick," the rapper wrote. "Been like 10 years since bow wow. Sit down grandpa."

The 16-year-old Floridian rapper took to her Instagram story to speak her mind on the whole issue surrounding female rappers all sounding the same, wanting all the smoke with JD. "Jermaine dupri can suck my dick," wrote the socialite. "Been like 10 yrs since bow wow. Sit down grandpa."

Dupri's role in the game has been understated in recent years but that doesn't mean he didn't have a large role in the way the industry ran a few years ago. He is definitely qualified to speak on rap and, as expected, some people aren't too happy with what he had to say. 

Recently, there has been a much-need resurgence of female rappers. As a producer that worked closely with legendary women acts, Dupri was asked his opinion on this new influx of artists. Yet instead of praising these women, Dupri criticized the sexual nature of their lyrics claiming "it's like strippers rapping." These comments were met with heavy backlash forcing the most famous "Stripper Rapper" to respond.

Here's the post:


This is the second time in less than a week that Bhad Bhabie made controversial remarks - blasting the music industry for what she claims is "unfair" treatment. Last week, Bhad suggested that she faced reverse discrimination in the hip hop community - because she was White.

According to the 16 year old, she raps as good as or better than most of the other female rappers. But she claims that many in the industry "don't want to f*ck with [her]" because of her race.

Here' what she said then:


Are you on JD's side or does Bhad Bhabie has a point?