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Bhad Bhabie Returns To Instagram: People Don't Understand Me

Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram to explain her absence to her fans.

Weeks back, it was reported that Bhabie had entered a rehab facility, but now she's out and trying to keep the good work going.

"The reason i haven't been on ig a lot lately is because i took everyone's advice and took time to focus on getting myself together," she wrote on Instagram. 

"I had to realize that there's more to life than what ppl have to say in comments and what people think about me. What most ppl don't understand is that i had a pretty hard upbringing and on top of that it's very hard being a young female growing up in the music industry especially with how i was brought into this whole world of fame i'm very mistaken and people don't understand me."

Bhad Bhabie is still only 17 years old -- a minor in the industry.