Bhad Bhabie Responds To 'Blackfishing' Allegations


Bhad Bhabie went viral on Monday after she posted videos of her looking like a light-skinned Black woman -- Twitter then accused her of "Blackfishing."

In the videos, Bhabie looked like a completely different person. She was several shades darker and some even speculated that she might have had some surgery to have more traditional black features.

"saw everyone posting this video and thought it was an up and coming r&b singer or smthn and i was confused about why people were so mad... meanwhile it'sit's just bhad bhabie blackfishing yet again," one Twitter user wrote.

"Somebody please make this stop. Blackface and copping a blaccent for your "rapper persona" is both uncool and tramples on the race struggles of Black folks," another Twitter user commented.

Meanwhile, Bhabie had this to say about her controversial new look:

 "Millions of people sick, thousands dying every day and y'all worried about me getting my makeup done for a photoshoot? I'm usually the wild one but y'all need to chill and focus on what's important right now."