Teen rapper Bhad Bhabie has announced that she is quitting Instagram for the sake of her mental health.

"Due to my mental health I will b taking a small break from this app," she wrote via her Instagram account. "I hate to say it but y'all won! Congrats mission complete! y'all made the lil 16 year old completely loose it! Social media has not only made me who I am but also every reason I can't sleep at night. Imagine being called a racist white c*nt every second of they day."

The post has since been deleted.

Bhad Bhabie suffered social media backlash towards the end of 2019 when she wore box braids and was accused by fans and critics alike of cultural appropriation.

“Everything I do will b considered wrong… image [sic] being me for a second — you just get a cute new wig and wanna show it off then the minute you post your mood is instantly killed bc your comment section if [sic] flooded with ‘this s— wants to be black so bad’ while wearing a straight blonde wig… this s— is really draining.”

Despite the short break, her Instagram account is still active. How long y'all think it will be before she's back?