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Bhad Bhabie is still seething from losing a recent fight to her rival, Woah Vicky, and has challenged the rapper to another bout if somebody is willing to put up $1 million for the battle.

"1 million and I'll fight that horse toothed hoe in the ring. @LoganPaul @jakepaul cut the check," she wrote in response to a fan who asked when the pair were finally going to trade blows.

Last month, the pair came to blows at an Atlanta studio, and Vicky handed Bhabie a certified beatdown. As if that weren't humiliating enough, Vicky released a diss track aimed at Bhabie -accusing her of smashing her way to the top.

"Let's talk about all the cum that you drunk for fame/They sent you out the back door, you still inked the name," raps Vicky.

Would ya'll pay to see these two square up, or should Bhabie just hold the "L" and keep it pushing?