Danielle Bregnoli was the "Cash Me Outside" girl, then she was rapper Bhad Bhabie. Now she's a Black girl.

We know what you're saying, it doesn't make any sense. But does anything make sense nowadays?

According to social media chatter, Bhad Babie got a series of surgical procedures that were meant to change her race, from White to Black.

Social media is claiming that Danielle recently went to a plastic surgeon, and got lip and nose fillers. 

Lip fillers, are when a surgeon injects a substance into a patients lips - to make them fuller. The same can be done with a patient's nose - to give them a thicker more "Black" nose.

Unlike a surgical rhinoplasty, the results from getting nose "fillers" are temporary, and last only as long as the fillers do, which can be anywhere from six to 12 months.

But that's not all. There are reports that the 16 year old rapper is getting melanin injections, to make her skin get darker. 

'Melanotan' (a brand of melanin injections) is a synthetic hormone which is injected via a needle under the skin to stimulate the pigment cells in your body to produce more melanin, which in turn gives you a tan.

The effects of melanin injections, just like the lip and nose fillers, are temporary. So don't expect Bhad Bhabie's new "Black girl" image to last . . . 

Here's what she looks like now: