Cash Me Outside Girl: I Was Raised In The Hood Like 'Tarzan w/ Monkeys'!!


Teen rapper Bhad Bhabie is denying claims that she is trying to be Black -- after last week's viral "Blackfishing" incident.

But her denials are getting her into even more trouble than the 'blackface' images that were leaked last week.

Yesterday the 17 year old Caucasian female rapper made a bizarre comparison between her growing up in the hood, with Tarzan growing up the jungle -- and using her analogy, the Black people in the hood were the monkeys.

(Listen to the full video above)

"Y'all say that I try to be Black because I -- maybe [the] reason is because I grew up in the hood. Tarzan, right? The story of Tarzan…he was with the monkeys," Bhabie said. "He grew up with that, that's all he knows…they only know what's been around them, they only know what's been around them."

She added, "I can't help it if I act 'a little bit hood' or what y'all would say is 'more Black.'"

If she had just been silent, this might have all died down -- but making monkey comparisons when speaking about the Black community is never a good idea.