Bhad Bhabie Defends Rapper Yung Bans After He Is Spotted In Her Bed

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Bhad Bhabie leaped to the defense of her rapper boyfriend, Yung Bans, after he was spotted in her bed.

Bhabie is just 17 years of age, while Bans is 20.

17 means that she is still a minor.

Fans commented under the picture, one adding that the rapper could catch a charge for sleeping with her.

"A 3 year age difference can not make someone get a charge," she clapped back. "Damn y'all kids are dumb and know what the hell yall b talking about." 

She goes on to add that in Atlanta, the age of consent is 17, so he is doing nothing illegal.

"I'm more than happy! I just don't like people speaking down on him for no reason," she wrote. "I'm not gonna let no one do that PERIOD."

Is she right? Is this three-year difference not a big deal, or should Bans have waited until she turned 18?