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BH90210 star Tori Spelling revealed that she can pay her bills in a cringeworthy interview - addressing rumors that she and her husband are broke.

In the reboot, Tori's character is actually broke and struggling, mirroring her own life, but Tori is denying that she is struggling. The bank reportedly filed a lawsuit against the actress for unpaid credit cards upwards of $80,000.

"Tori, it's got to hit a little close to home when they start talking about financial problems, right?" Fox 5 host Rosanna Scotto asked her.

"That was a choice that I made and we made together to put that in there," Tori responded. "That's such speculation and the media loves to talk about it. So we were like, 'let's face them straight on and let's put it in there.'"

Scotto then asked Tori if she was able to pay her bills.

"Am I able to pay my bills? Yeah, thank you. I am," Spelling fired at Scotto, who also added that the show would be putting some "money in her pocket."

Watch the awkward exchange below!