Beyonce's Thickness Was On FULL DISPLAY At LAST NIGHT'S Coachella!!

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Beyonce performed again last night at Coachella for the second weekend in a row - and it was just as GOOD AS HER FIRST ONE.

Bey performed on stage —showing off her curves and her moves— for nearly two hours. And we managed to get some pics that show just hot HARD the Queen was working. The pics show Bey making faces on stage as she performed in leather while her mom and Rihanna were in the front row looking on.

Beyonce was whipping her hair around at one point, and she appeared to be singing in the microphone with a 'Sia' look (her head was not visible), only her hair as the crowd cheered her on.

And it wasn't just her HAIR that was getting whipped around the stage.


Beyonce had an ENTIRE marching band with her, there were snare drummers, STEPPERS, trumpet players, the WHOLE nine yards.

THE QUEEN's set lasted almost two hours and she reunited with Destiny's Child for the first time since her 2013 Super Bowl Performance in New Orleans.