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Beyonce's Sister Solange Says She's NOT Dating Popular Lesbian!!

Beyonce's sister Solange announced last year that she was ending her marriage, to her husband of 5 years, Alan Ferguson.

Earlier today, MTO News began hearing rumors that Solange may now be in a gay relationship - with a popular female artist.

(see video above of Solange looking gorgeous)

Well Solange is now speaking out, and denying the rumors are true.

Tehe rumors, that Solange says is "100% false" contended that Solange has been spending an inordinate amount of time with the popular songwriter and musician Syd. 

Syd is a founding member of the band, The Internet, and was also a member of the alternative hip hop group Odd Future. She's also openly gay.

But forget about it. Solange's folks told us that there is ZERO truth to the rumor mill.

Here are some pics of Syd: