Last Spring MTO News reported to you on the shocking video showing a very married Solange grinding on a man on the dance floor - not her husband. We also reported to you that Solange, 33, and her husband, Alan Ferguson, 56, were having marital problems.

Well yesterday, Beyonce's sister confirmed the rumors and said she and Alan are divorcing. In an Instagram post, Solo said that her relationship with her husband is "transitioning."

She said: 

"The past 2 years have brought me more physical and spiritual transition and evolution than ever beforemy body left me with no choice but to listen and be stillwithin that stillness i begin my journey in confronting my worst enemy, fear.ive lived my best and worst moments in front of the lens and gaze of the world since i was a teenager. ive always tried to live in my truth no matter how ugly or full of love it is. ive also tried to carve out the space to protect my heart, and my life as it unfolds, evolves, and changes."


Solange adds that she and Alan actually separated a long time ago. She said, "11 years ago i met a phenomenal man who changed every existence of my life. early this year we separated and parted ways, (and tho it ain’t nan no body business 😭)."

Fans of the R&B songstress are probably not surprised. When the video showing Solange "grinding" on a much younger man surfaced, many believed the couple was in the process of separating. Here's the video:


Solange Knowles is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She started her career as a backup dancer for Destiny's Child, which featured among the members her sister, Beyonce. At age 16, she signing with her father Mathew Knowles's Music World Entertainment label and released her first studio album Solo Star (2002).