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Three years ago, Beyonce was photo'd at a funeral with her cousins Kristin and Kelsi. Almost immediately, the picture went viral and Kelsi and Kristin became internet famous.

Since then Beyonce's cousins have gone through a few changes. They while both are still beautiful - Kelsi added some thickness to her frame.

Also, both ladies have successful careers. Both ladies attended nursing school and work as registered nurses in the Houston area.

Here's Kristin. 

Here's her other cousin Kelsi. She's not only as thick as Kristin, but she's just as beautiful:

Beyonce is celebrating the release of her new Netflix documentary - and her blockbuster deal with the streaming company.

Netflix signed a multi-year, multi-picture deal with Beyonce, which will include specials planned after 'Homecoming' 

Bey singer has reportedly signed a $60 million three-project deal with the streaming giant. Homecoming, Beyoncé's behind-the-scenes Coachella documentary, is just the beginning of a series of Queen Bey projects on Netflix