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Beyonce's new "surprise" Homecoming album isn't doing as well as many hoped - in fact, some are calling Bey's new release a "flop."

The website HitsDailyDouble is reporting that Beyonce's album will be the 7th most popular album this week. It ranks behind BTS, Billie Eilish, Khalid, Nipsey Hussle, Anderson Paak, and Ariana Grande. And most of those albums have been out for months.

For example, Beyonce is projected to do 37,000 in total sales. If the numbers hold up, Ariana will outsell Beyonce with 44k - and her album is in her 10TH week.

This is the second album in a row that Beyonce released - that's having trouble commercially. Bey's last project - a joint album with Jay Z called "Everything Is Love" - struggled to do numbers. That album sold only sold 120k units (including streaming) in its first week.

The singer — who perfected the secret album drop in 2013, and has since toyed with the tactic for releases like “Lemonade” and “Everything Is Love,” with her husband Jay-Z — did it again in the early morning hours Wednesday, one-upping the arrival of her own Netflix documentary, “Homecoming,” with a previously unannounced live-album version of the same concert.

“There’s not likely to be a more meaningful, absorbing, forceful and radical performance by an American musician this year, or any year soon,” the critic Jon Caramanica wrote of the show in The New York Times. “It was rich with history, potently political and visually grand. By turns uproarious, rowdy, and lush. A gobsmacking marvel of choreography and musical direction.”

Hopefully Bey's numbers will get better when people watch her new Netflix special.