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Mathew Knowles, father to Beyonce Carter, has been looking to create a new girl group for years. And for the most part he's been unsuccessful.

So now Mathew is trying something new - releasing old Beyonce music.

Mathew was the architect of Destiny's Child, and he owns the rights to much of the girls group's intellectual property.

So he just released some of the girls old unreleased music . It's not clear what Beyonce thinks about this, but she can't bee happy about it.

Here's the album cover for the new Girls Tyme EP:


Does it took familiar? Let us refresh your recollection. 

Below is a link to an iconic picture of Destiny's Child - when they released the song "Independent Women" for the Charlie's Angels Move Soundtrack:


In case you're interested in hearing what the new music sounds like - here's one of their songs:


Girls Tyme consisted of six girls in the group including Destiny Child’s Beyonce and . Mr. Knowles is dropping the album along with his new book Destiny Child’s: The Untold Story.

In the book, readers are expected to get his bits of knowledge from the mechanics of overseeing, inspiring, and moving skilled kids through a safe industry.

The never before discovered album consist of 15 tracks and was released Monday, December 2nd. The book and album feature the same image for cover art, a blacked-out silhouette of Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle in their iconic Charlie’s Angels inspired pose.