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Beyonce's BABY SISTER Is A Cutie . . . BLOWING Up On SOCIAL MEDIA!!!


Beyonce's baby sister Koi is gaining quite the following on social media. The 8 year old is the youngest child of Bey's father Mathew Knowles. Koi is just a year older than Bey's daughter Blue. Unfortunately the two girls have never met each other.

You see, Koi was birthed in the midst of a scandal,. Beyonce's father was CHEATING on Bey's mom - with one of his daughter Solange's friends. Solange's friend eventually got pregnant and gave birth to Koi. Bey's mom Tina was devastated and eventually divorced Mathew Knowles, and split up their family. 

Because of all the BAD BLOOD surrounding Koi's birth, Beyonce REFUSES to acknowledge the little cutie - and does NOT allow her children near Koi.

But Koi is out here living her best life. She's preparing for third grade, and has been modeling.

Check her out:

Beyonce and Solange’s dad, Mathew Knowles is well known for making some really questionable decisions regarding his former relationship with the ladies’ mom Tina Lawson. He cheated on her on various occasions, and he has a couple of love children who have grown up and became great entertainers.

His youngest daughter is Koi Knowles and she also recently showed her performing skills. She seems to have the star qualities that her half-sisters also boast.

Koi is starring as Dorothy is a school production of The Wizard of Oz. She looks to be quite a great actress.

Many fans were shocked that Bey and Solange have a little sister.