Beyonce Knoalws' nephew Juelz Smith is growing up fast. And he seems like a very smart and well mannered young man.

Julez, who is Solange's son, recently gave his first ever radio interview - and he was surprisingly open about what it's like to be a member of the most famous family in the world.

This young man has a really bright future ahead of him . . . 

Here's a summary of the interview:

- Julez's favorite song off Lemonade is Hold Up.
- His favorite Solange song is Almeda. He’s helped her write songs before.
- He still calls Beyoncè “Auntie B/B.B”. Never sits back and think “wow my aunt is BEYONCÈ!”
- Solange is not strict. She’s more like a friend since he’s getting older. Julez lives in LA now (with his dad) and he goes to public school. [ we did not include the full interview because he mentions his school in the interview]

- Beyoncè has an unreleased song with Gucci Mane but he said shhh we didn’t hear that from him.

- Bey has picked him up from school once before.
- His cousin Blue beats him up all the time.
- He does not think Titan (Kelly Roland's son) and Blue look alike.
- Bey's mother Tina Knowles is his best friend.
-  Grandfather Mathew Knowles is the most caring person he knows.
- He wants to play Basketball for the UCLA Bruins and eventually for the NBAs Houston Rockets OR own a label/manage artists like uncle Jay. (He does a bit of A&R work for Roc Nation).

- He said celebs are weird. Claims that Quavo was mean to him the first time they met. Met a few times after and Quavo tried to act like he didn’t remember him.

- Has a crush on Meg the Stallion
- Said Normani is very attractive.
-  Was asked whether he preferred "lightskin" or "brown skin" girls he says both.
- Does not listen to Cardi B, but does not throw any shade towards her.
- Chose Ariana Grande over Normani (music-wise)
- He likes Beyoncé’s version of “Wake Up” that Ariana recorded.

- One of the only times he’s got star struck was with Patti LaBelle.
- Someone said him, Titan and Sir were so handsome and he said “yeah we have good genes...”

- Said the Bey Hive annoys him sometimes lol

- Beyonce's cousin Angie is fine. She’s just taking a break from social media.

- Rihanna is like family to him.