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Remember Beyonce's THICK Cousin Kristin . . . Well We've Got . .. Some New Pics Of Her!! (They Say . . . She's Now BADDER Than BEY)


Beyonce's cousin Kristin blew up on the scene when she posed with Bey - for a pic two years ago. People immediately labeled her as Bey's "thick" cousin.

Well since then, Kristin has been doing her thing. She now works in Texas as a registered nurse. And she's still GORGEOUS.

Kristin went viral after the photo of her attending the funeral of her Uncle Skip was posted by her sister. She was reluctant at first but has since embraced her newfound fame and now has over 100k followers on her Instagram. From time to time, she also does club appearances for cash.

And her admirers keep on coming:

"Fine as u want to be😍😍😍"

"Houston....we have a problem!!! A good problem!! L awd 😍😍😍"

"The most beautiful thickness I ever seen! She should be in Beyonce and my videos😎😎😎😎Wow! Wow! Wow!😘"

"Damn sis! Looking like you headed to Wakanda 🤣🤣🤣!!!!"

"Work flow , very sexy. No thing more attractive as well as Beautiful than a woman on her grind, respects Love! 👀👀🙌🏽🙌🏽♥️♥️🙏🏽"

"Who is that? Come and take my temperature🤕"

We think she's a baddie just like her famous "cousin." Take a look at some of Kristin's new pictures below.